Be polite even though you are in the games

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-31 10:39:00
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From young ages,we were told to be polite to others and obey the rules in public.As we grow older,it seems changes a lot.How can we retrieve the politeness?


On the Wiki, it is a rule that should always be observed, please be polite to other users,especially in the pattern of ffxiv power leveling. But when it comes to adding information on an upcoming game, do not assume everyone else knows about the new trailer you saw that mentions a new character's name, or the magazine article that discusses the battle system.


If someone reverts your edits out of concern for the validity of your additions, direct them to the source you got the information from and do not edit war with them, it is disruptive and nonconstructive. This is also why we ask all new additions be sourced, so hopefully, this will not happen.





However, when editing articles about upcoming games, we ask you observe the following guidelines to make you a more productive editor and to ease the stress of the community as we sort out the incoming new information. We at the Final Fantasy Wiki understand the flurry of excitement when a trailer or announcement for some new Final Fantasy game comes out, after all, we're fans of the series just like you.


Keep in mind proper style and formatting when editing,. Especially when creating a new article, create appropriate sections, use appropriate templates and coding, etc.


This is the most important rule about upcoming games that source all new content . Fan rumors and speculation run rampant so we need to be sure the information added is valid. Spreading information like this around via sources is not only courteous to other users interested in the game, but allows more information to be added to the Wiki as others look at the source and see content they can add.