Blacksmith, a Proper Disciples of Hand for New Face to Make FFXIV Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-08-23 15:23:14
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When first getting started on Final Fantasy 14, a new player can be overwhelmed with all the different options, upgrades, and specialties to keep in mind. Completing quest and challenges are a great way to level up and get cash rewards but to really get ahead in the game a player needs to make gil in other ways. Disciples of the Hand can use materials to craft new objects. These players truly fuel the economy in Eorzea because many other players rely on the DoH to create materials for them. Players will grind for gil in order to pay for items made by crafters. More gil profited from players grinding adds surplus currency to the overall game economy. Due to the inflated marketplace, items sold by crafters are demanding more and more gil. With certain materials in high demand, a player with a high crafting skill level can create objects that will earn them gil instead of relying solely on quest and challenges. Of the many different crafts found within the game Blacksmithing is a very popular and lucrative craft.



Why Blacksmith?
Blacksmiths bend and shape metal to make swords, daggers, blades, and axes. Other players who cannot make these items will come to blacksmiths for their weapon needs. Creating weapons for other players can make gil quickly. Also, players purchasing your crafted items will need better equipment to grind gil faster from more powerful enemies. This demand from players will level up your blacksmith abilities more quickly and upon reaching a higher level your items will be worth more gil. Also, keeping an eye on the Auction House and knowing what materials are selling for higher prices can keep a craftsman in business for a long time.

Blacksmithing can be one of the more expensive professions due to the price of the materials need to make the items. However, reaching level 20 will allow you to complete repeatable levels which you can turn in up to 3 times. Weapons purchased in the early stages of the game like the Weathered Cross-pein Hammer cost around 4 gil. Later items like the Wrapped Hawksbeak Hammer sell for nearly 350 gil. So a higher level blacksmith can eventually reap great profits.

Becoming a Disciple of the Hand in the long run will be a lucrative decision. Spending gil in the beginning will one day turn itself around and have you making great cash. Blacksmithing is a popular choice because at a high level, you can create weapons that are in high demand on the marketplace. Other players complete challenges, play through dungeons, and grind for their gil. These players then seek the items that will aid them in defeating higher level enemies and bosses; the items that the blacksmiths are creating.