Building a house which belongs to yourself in the Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-14 09:46:26
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One day,I saw some building blocks were sold while I walked in the street.A boy used them built a house ,it looked so beautiful.So I bought one. Housing is so magical that I find a game which can do this .

Two types of housing will be available. These are free company housing as well as individual housing, however free company housing will make it into the game first. These are essentially the same thing, except that with free company housing any bonuses will be available to everyone within the free company.


Housing won’t be cheap, however – It’ll cost you quite a bit ffxiv gil to get a place of your own, and not just the money earned from playing through a single class. Patch 2.1 will surface sometime later this year with further patches following three months after that.

Houses will be highly customisable and expandable。Things like tables, chairs and even carpets can be crafted by some of the game’s player classes and special items can be obtained by defeating certain enemies, such as Ifrit.

What’more, Yoshida and the team hope to also add chocobo stables, furniture that offers bonuses for Free Companies, and even a place where crafters can work in peace.