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Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-15 10:32:32
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This is the best method for raw Gil per hour. But after you beat the game gil per hour will take a massive hit. I will explain this in the FAQ at the end. Final Fantasy gil farming is really a way of time wasting. Perhaps you can get few gil after play whole day. Perhaps you would be late for dating, dinner, meeting or party. You can resolve the troubles by purchasing FFXIV gil on our website directly!

What makes this so nice is that they are very susceptible to debuffs, and after they are pained and fogged they just wander around and don't attack you. They are normally very hard to kill cause they have massive hp and resistances to everything. But the debuffs make them very squishy in addition to not attacking. When you first start here if you are weaker it might be a little tough, you might get a game over here and there if you get unlucky with the debuffs. But stick with it, after you get some levels and items it becomes VERY easy and has the best gil gain in the game.

You start off with a sab/sab.rav and just debuff them all. Once they are debuffed you switch to a com/rav/rav and aoe them all,with ruinga.If you are leveled up, and your weapons are good. Then you can go com/sab/ravand just start casting ruinga at the very start with your com. Then switch tocom/rav/rav when they are all debuffed. There is no way to really tell when they are, just guess.
Just before the portals at the start of 13. There is a save point with a pack of 3 silver C'eith, and a pack of 4. If you move off screen they both respawn. They are worth about 20k gil each pack. and take less then 2min to kill.(eventually 30seconds ish when your geared up. You can also get preemptive attacks on them every time after a little practice.If you’re not geared/leveled.