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Game: Final Fantasy XIV
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There are five humanoid races for the players to select one for creating their character. There are two stylistic variations of each race. There are males and females variations being available in A Realm Reborn. The clans are also seen in FFXIV A Realm Reborn as it is not seen in the original launch. Buy your ffxiv gold from now and start making your character with the strongest weaponries. The race, Hyur or Hyuran is a human-resembled race and they are split into the Midlanders and Highlanders. Midlanders concentrate on the education and they are thought to be the most cultural people of the realm of A Realm Reborn. The Highlanders are physically bigger in comparison to their cousin, Midlanders. As there is the occupation of Garlean in Ala Mhigo, the refugees of the Highlanders stay alive in the other cities as there are the mercenaries and the explorers.

The Elezen is an elf-resembled race and they are considered to be the residents of Eorzea. There is an intense competition that is running between Dukswight and Wildwood clans. Wildwood Elezen stay in the forest and their keen feeling of the sight makes them provide some contribution in developing archery. It is a tool in a battle. Duskwight Elezen is an isolated clan that resides in caverns and cave. They have an intensified sense of hearing. Procuring ffxiv gold from your nearest online gaming house in the most affordable cost makes you start adorning the character with the proper weapons and accessories. The race Lalfell or Raraferu are tiny humanoids with greater agility and intelligence derived from the southern zones.

The plainsfolk are a crafty race that brought the reputation for them as they have become thieves and businessmen successfully. Dunesfolk Lalafell is known as a nomadic people appeared from the desert. They established their residences on the backs of beasts of burden. Buy ffxiv gil from online dealer. The race like Roegadyn or Rugadin appears as a big physically well-built race derived from the northern seas. There are the sea-Wolves. They used to lead a maritime lifestyle. They worked as fishermen, pirates, or sailors. They are known as an uncommon derivative clan. They are hellsguard residing in a volcanic area. They are considered to be the masters of the magical arts. Buy your ffxiv gil from the online gaming house and make your gameplay memorable in A Realm Reborn. The female Roegadyn are an uncommon sight in Eorzea; however there are the numbers that are growing. With cheap ffxiv gil online, you can decorate your character with the updated weapons and try to upgrade your character towards the top of the ladder.