Defeat and conquer the character of Titan by the guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-19 00:58:55
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Each game has different characters which own different power.You can defeat some of them easily while others are difficult to conquer.Here I will tell you my experience about fighting with Titan.

I decided to write it after having a really difficult time with Titan in Final Fantasy XIV.I don’t use ffxiv power leveling .Titan has multiple additional things you have to watch for. You also need to have map awareness for this fight, if you don't you will wipe the party.


Titan can be broken down into a three-phase battle, I will introduce the first one. Also, please note that this is the normal mode guide .This One is pretty simple, there are really only two moves to watch for.

The first move is the most important. If you mess it up you are knocked out of the fight. Titan will jump into the air using a move called Geocrush, slamming himself down in the middle of the arena. When Titan jumps a large red circle appears, this circle is one that you want to remain inside of.

The second move you want to be wary of is a straight shot move that shoots across the entire map. This attack does massive damage so don't stand in it. There is also a knock back if you stand near Titan during the attack so be wary of your surroundings when you see the red lines pop up.