Don’t miss this chance where you can know more about class in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-23 01:21:10
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Which sports do you prefer? Will you play computer games in you free time? How much do you know about games? So what about final fantasy? Come here and talk something about class in the game.

A system in which your single character can swap to any class/job in the game simply by changing weapons has been adopted by ffxiv. There is also a very powerful cross-class ability sharing mechanic, which opens up many possibilities when looking to increase the potency/usefulness of your character.And then you don’t seek help from ffxiv power leveling.


There are definitely classes that compliment others via cross-class abilities when it comes to combat in FFXIV. It would be wise to do some research in what compliments your main class and level up those classes accordingly to unlock that key ability.

Crafting classes also yield the ability to meld materia onto certain items as you level the class up – this is extremely important in end game.Disciples of the Hand are classes that involve crafting items using materials. This can get expensive if you are not farming the materials yourself, so keep that in mind.

Disciples of the Land are classes that involve going out into the world of Eorzea and gathering crafting materials from the wild. Whether you’re using these materials to compliment one of your crafting classes or simply looking to make some money off the Market, gathering materials is always a good idea – especially when trying to save up for player housing.