Easy Hints to Make FF14 Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-10-06 05:04:51
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FF14 players can earn FFXIV Gil by defeating the enemies and achieving various levels. In case of requirement, they can also buy cheap FF14 Gil online. FFXIV, Final Fantasy XIV is one the best MMORPG largely played online game in the world. Here the players can create and customise their characters to participate in this game. Here the players can fight monsters or enemies with the help of various weapons, magical skills and by physical attacks. Their weapons signify their character or class; which the player can change any time during the game. The classes are divided into four; disciples of war, disciples of magic, disciples of hand, and disciples of land. These classes are equipped with several abilities and jobs.

There are many methods of Gil making in Final Fantasy XIV, some easy and common methods of earning FF14 Gil are:
Searching Quest: During the game, you’ll come across various quests or challenges; these are the sources of Gil. In many cases you need to search the quests; the more you success, more FFXIV Gil you gain. In addition, it’ll help you to reach next level also.

Farming & Fishing: If you chose the weapons as pickaxe, hatchet or fishing rod; then you can gather resources from the environment by farming and fishing like activities. This job system is also called disciples of land; where the players can dig out minerals, stones, ores etc; harvest vegetables, grains, etc; and fish from the watery source. These activities also give huge FFXIV Gil that you can also sell if not required.

Crafting: FF14 players can do a lot from crafting. With the help of saw, cross pein hammer, raising a hammer, head knife, needle, skillet, etc they can build a lot that helps earning a huge amount of FF14 Gil in Final Fantasy 14.

Converting: If you’re not willing to use your weapons, dress, costumes and valuables, just exchange them with other players or to iGXE, or other game exchanging sites and take FFXIV Gil against them.

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