FFXIV 2.4 Dungeon Guide:Sastasha Hard Mode

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-10-31 11:55:56
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Square Enix finally released the patch 2.4 of FFXIV Dreams of Ice. The arrival of new patch brings exciting updates, including the addition of hard modes for two of its dungeons: Sastasha and The Sunken Tem-ple of Qarn. Now, we are glad to share the guide to Sastasha Hard Mode.


Drowned Wench: Set fire to Drowned Wench first, because she would pull Brine (small green ball) close to here, each Brine can help here recover half HP. Fortunately, Brine has low blood, the DPS can clear them first.

First Mate Haerstymm: The MOB before the final Boos. After cleared the last wave of MOBS, he will suddenly rush out and summon amounts of adds. Then, the Tank should hold them, and use AOE to pull all adds.

BOSS1: Karlabos will drop Aqua Balls on players to apply a DoT called Slime
Tails crew: To use his tail to make the whirlwind and target player random. It which will take out a huge chunk of your HP, the exact damage is supposedly 99% HP. If you are targeted by Tail Screw, move close to the healer just enough for him to be able to heal you. To move fast from your spot as Tail Screw hits, you can avoid death via whirlwind.

BOSS2: Captain Madison is a irritable boss and always summon adds.
One of the third wave adds will mark a random player and limit movement, we should kill it first. Meanwhile, he will keep shooting and add damage, we need enough DPS to clear all adds as soon as possible.

BOSS3: The Kraken, when only Kraken and Tentacles are up, attack Kraken and ignore Tentacles
Around 50% and 25% HP, a lot of Tentacles will show up and use Wallop/Clearout repeatedly. Heal through this phase and focus on boss, because the Tentacles will disappear after this phase.