FFXIV 41 Level Dungeon Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-05-21 11:18:38
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It is undeniable that The Dungeons in FFXIV become more and more difficult after level 40,and the repeatly pushed the king make people losing their patience,So just make destroied mission psychologically preparation when in face of Boss !

In the entire Dungeon,in addition to the fixed area of the monster, and roaming a dragon, it is a powerful creatures, but don't worry, your team needs not merely playing with it and other monsters, patrol can take it to the other monsters in a bit far to fly shield dragging it struck alone!So you can avoid dragon set and other monsters kick your team.

What's more.In the corridor will appear three ice crystals baseless, TANK must pull them away from wet nurse, ice monster attack can be interrupted nurse with blood!
Here are the general tips for the Bosses:
The first BOSS:This is a huge reptile,he will run to the field of edge in a every while, and attack others randomly , but attack the hands of a long and clearly, pay attention to avoid, the BOSS is easy to get over!


The second BOSS:Still a giant reptile...The BOSS only need to pay attention to is the three guns in the room, opened the TANK will pull the BOSS to the door, let three teammates stand near the cannon, because when the subtitles show Isgebind descendsfrom the skies, there will be a Long Fei to the window, it will be out in the face of the scope of the team make a lot of damage, cause a tornado in the rooms, sounds like very powerful ,actually only need the three memebers who standing near the cannon to shoot them gun then u can get rid of it!


The final BOSS:This is a huge crawling organisms.It not only can climb,it also can fly! It can be said the real focus of the point. Dragon attack in addition to ultra-high, ultra-high ice will spray damage property Breath addition, from time to time it does not fly to the sky, the ground again dive!
1.TANK pulled a leader, let BOSS back to his teammates, when the BOSS released Breath of ice properties, BOSS blood at the top right of the article will be read, read the article slowly, once it appears -hide!
2.BOSS first off: it will be a straight dive, the ground will be white light tips, sprinkle foot run
3.BOSS Second off: still a straight dive, but there will be a small amount of ice ring to attack, attack the ground ice ring warning.
4.After the launch of BOSS: every time there is a lot of ice ring attack and two dive, dive ice ring randomly, so as long as it off just escaping!