FFXIV Advanced Class Guide: How to Play Dark Knight Well

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-08-28 16:23:59
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Dark Knight is a Tank job that wields a Greatsword (2-handed sword) as its weapon. Unlike 2.0 jobs, Dark Knight does not have a base class and starts from level 30. It was released in the first expansion pack. Dpsvip.com would glad to share the news of FFXIV Class. If you need lots of ff14 gil to enhance your class, you can buy cheap ffxiv gil here enjoy instant delivery.

Most of time, the Dark Knight don’t need much hatred AOE skills. When use Dark Area, you can use Dark Flash to hit combo to back magic that you can hold AOE hatred.


When the group pulls the boss, please heal CD as soon as possible. Please pay attention to strengthening open dark dance by the cost of reducing the cost of your blood obtained, while also throwing Holy nanny.

Darkside is the core state of Dark Knight, no matter it play as a Tank or not.You should keep this buff wouldn’t disappear. because a lot of damage / defense skills to use only in the open, in the foot and then this process can be turned off let Bard give you back to the blue song back to blue, but you need more to please astrologer, astrologers reduce the consumption of blue cards after the turn still be able to enjoy, it is the only skill which can help DK consume MP.

Dark Arts
The primary skill of Dark Arts, which is called strong dark! To use this skill reasonable can reflect the different of Dark Knight expert and newbie.

Blood Price
Under Tank, it is the key skill to recover MP when damge is taken.

Blood Weapon
Skills back to blue attack state, commonly known hit back to blue, back to the blue effect is better than beating back to blue, so no problem if you hate, hard to resist, the nurse can milk them, then put a single target off tanks posture now, the lack of blue, but because of increased attack speed, so this skill will shorten combat skills and disguise cooling to cause DK from lack of blue into a lack of TP.