FFXIV:ARR First Expansion Pack:Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-05-15 15:12:22
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The declaration of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, the first expansion of FFXIV is depicted to launch during the coming spring of 2015. Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward comes out as the first expansion pack of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. The gamer can find FFXIV Gil at the online gaming house to make his character equip with the most advanced weapons and armors to take part in the diverse missions, dungeons, and battles. The online Gil covers the time in grinding Gil in the gameplay of FFXIV when you consider saving time and enjoying the optimum pleasure.


Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward comes out as the first expansion pack of Final Fantasy XIV a Realm Reborn declared during the year 2014 Fan Fest in LasVegas. The releasing date initially fixed to launch during the spring 2015. However, it was delayed in the early summer due to its polishing issue. Mac edition is to be accessible on the similar day as Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 editions making it the first Final Fantasy title on the personal computer of Apple. The gamers can purchase cheap FFXIV Gil at FFXIV4GIL.COM to discover FFXIV world and it is to decorate the character with the proper armors and gears fast to overcome the hurdle of making Gil in the gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV.

Ishgard is to be the major place of the storyline. Heavensward is to expand the playable zone of the game into the extra segments of Eorzea. It is beyond the Coerthas Central Highlands. Moreover, it is into the skies over the Sea of Clouds. There is the floating of landmasses there. Dravania along with the other beast-tribe governed the domains to be appended. There are two key plotting points that have been disclosed. The Dragonsong War is the bloody thousand-year disagreement between Dravania and Ishgard. There is The Wyrmking versus Thordan along with his Knights Twelve. It has not perhaps been elaborated considerably.

The expansion is to enhance automatically the level cap to sixty for all disciplines. There is an introduction of new playable race, the draconic Au Ra. There are the multiple new jobs to be introduced in the game. Three roles of each one occur in relation to the declaration of one new job. The roles are the Dark Knight for Tank, the Machinist for ranged DPS or the Astrologian for Healer. There are new job quests for current jobs to be appended. Every job is to have a distinct level of three limiting breaks. There are the existing ones that are delivered to the accurate classes again. The gamers can go for the fast FFXIV Gil in the most affordable cost at the nearest online gaming house, FFXIV4GIL.COM.

There are all new Primals to come out in the game. These include at least one Primal made just for Final Fantasy XIV. It is the first of these being Ravana. The gamers can find out new dungeons and new raids. There is the introduction that is to make free companies to make own personal airships. There are the new field zones in the expansion to be fifty to hundred percent bigger than the existing ones. It is to provide the support of flying mounts including Chocobos, personal-scale airships and the griffon edition of collectors. A dragon is vital to the story of Heavensward. Buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale online helps you run well in the gameplay of FFXIV.