FFXIV: Choosing Your Class Is Not A Permanent Choice

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-08-11 14:04:31
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Final Fantasy XIV is a story-driven game, what this means is that throughout your Final Fantasy XIV experience there will be a main story that you will follow throughout the whole game, and its two expansions. You must complete the main story in order to progress. Main story in Final Fantasy XIV and more information, visit here to know more. 



Choosing your class is not a permanent choice: Final Fantasy XIV allows you to be a every class,every crafter and every gatherer. However, the class you choose will determine your starting city. If you are creating a new character with a friend, its important to know where you guys will start. Appropriately and amusingly, 


Even if you choose different classes that go in different cities from that of your friends, by level 15 the stories will converge and you will all meet up at the same city so do not feel limited to playing a class you don't like just to play with them. Once you've chosen your new home you can login and experience the opening cutscenes.


In Final Fantasy XIV, players could find and buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil or FFXIV Power Leveling to enjoy the game, they will be able to obtain more weapons and better material, this gave their character new spells, summons and better attributes. FFXIV Stormblood is the second expansion in the Final Fantasy XIV Franchise. The Franchise itself is a story-driven MMOROG.