FFXIV Dad Of Light Offers An Opportunity To Relish In The Kind Of Nostalgia

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-09-13 08:24:22
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Final Fantasy XIV Dad Of Light, it offers an opportunity to relish in the kind of nostalgia that will forever preserve Final Fantasy as one of the greatest gaming series of all time. The father and son in the Japanese drama Final Fantasy XIV Dad Of Light aren't exactly estranged, although they eat at the same table before and after hours, they move in different generational orbits. 



Dad Of Light, a father and son in Final Fantasy XIV, their relationship may accurately be classed as non-existent. The father (Ren Osugi) is a corporate samurai for whom work-life balance is a myth, the son (Yudai Chiba) is a sales representative by day and a video game fan by night - and have long stopped talking to each other.


The game transports them to a place far from their daily worries, a magical land of forests and snowy cities. Everything changed for their father-son dynamic when they both suddenly became enrapture by the original Final Fantasy. But real-life happened: Hakutaro had to assume a leadership at work, and gaming was left forgotten until he suddenly quit his job in the present day.


All in all, Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light is a soap opera, but it's a soap opera full of heart that transmits genuine emotions that we all can relate to. Dad Of Light is the project of a young man named Akio Inaba to try to reconnect with his father, Hakutaro Inaba, by inviting him into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, and befriending him in the game while hiding his own identity. More detailed information on the above games can be found more here