FFXIV Dungeon Guide: Level 44 Dzemael Darkhold

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-08-30 03:41:38
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Dzemael Darkhold is the FFXIV:ARR level 44 dungeon,This dungeon is located in Dzemael Darkhold. For an adventurer, you need to complete in 90 minutes.In the dungeon, bosses frequently move and evade. Each of then is so dangerous that your part is possibly killed. You will come cross is All-seeing Eye which can damage you when it closes to you. Thus you need to apply crystal to add bonus to your class on the road and slay monsters. Meanwhile, you and your groups should avoid closing to All-seeing Eye.


Boss1. All-seeing eye
You have to damage the boss in area of crystal. The boss can summon two mini-monsters, which your groups kill as quickly as possible. Tank can draw the boss and other allies slay the two monsters.

Boss2. Taulurd
Taulurd just casts AOE cone skills in its front and back. And it can summon four mini-monsters. Please note the red circle and avoid the boss’s AOE damage.

Boss3. Batraal Batraal can use crystal to deal damage. It can attack a random player with the linear range damage skills. The target player avoids the linear damage and then run back. When BOSS has just 35% of Health, it enters in the stage of rage, in which it begans to summon nothingness Strip + linear damage. Please do not go to step in the red zone, or you get heavy damage.