FFXIV Dzemael Darkhold Dungeon Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-06-09 11:24:50
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Dzemael Darkhold is a level 44-46 instance located in the Coerthas Highlands. It can be unlocked in multiple ways, both by quest givers in the Coerthas Highlands, and through the Grand Companies. It is not a part of the main story line. Players level 47 and above will be synced to level 46 for the duration of the dungeon.


This dungeon will contain a large variety of "dark" type monsters, including floating eyes, undead, and similar creatures. However, in the initial pulls of the zone, the first boss will actually circle above the party without engaging. There will be various crystal formations where the party will receive the "Crystal Veil" buff, which prevents the boss from doing much damage. The boss cannot be killed in these hallways, so parties should simply clear the trash and move on.

Boss Fights
ALL-SEEING EYE:This boss can either be simply executed, or annoying depending on the skill of the tank, and their perception at finding areas to make the boss vulnerable. As hinted in the hallways leading up to this fight, the All-Seeing Eye is only vulnerable when fought within the light of the crystal formations (which also weaken its damage abilities considerably). However, during the fight, the various formations will lose their luster, so the boss will need to be taken from formation to formation as the fight progresses.


The All-Seeing Eye has three easily managed abilities. The first is a 90 degree frontal cone attack. This simply does damage, thus the party needs to stay behind the boss. Next, the All-Seeing Eye will randomly target party members and cast Cursed Gaze. This will inflict either Amnesia or Paralysis. Be prepared with consumables or Esuna. Finally, it will cast Eyes on Me, which does ~1000 damage, but if you have the Crystal Veil buff, this damage is reduced by 90%.

There are two adds summoned by the All-Seeing Eye throughout the fight. The first two waves are just healer-eaters, as in they tend to go directly for your healer. They can easily be dealt with. The rest of the adds, however, have a frontal cone attack, so positioning is key.

TAULURD:This boss is all about mobility: a stationary party will suffer a quick defeat, but players who are fast on their feet will easily surpass this fight. Taulurd only has two abilities, a frontal cone, and a rear cone. The frontal cone is easily mitigated, but the rear Elbow Drop can easily chew through your melee players. Four helpers spawn and do the real damage for the fight. This damage comes in two varieties: Fireballs and Rocks.


The fire represents the greater threat: a large number of AoE red circles will appear, and everyone simply needs to avoid them. After each volley of fireballs, a few rocks are thrown randomly (which causes unavoidable, but easily healed damage). Once the rocks finish, the fireballs come again. As a result, this fight is more of a "dance" battle, with avoiding the AoE being the only thing of importance throughout the fight.

BATRAAL:The third and final boss offers slightly greater challenges, but not so many that he is not still easily overcome. However, a warning to players who often suffer lag, this boss can be extremely hard to deal with on a bad connection. To begin with, Batraal uses an AoE that will damage melee, and a random target blast that will take most characters to half health. Healers should simply cast through these, as they are not too threatening.



Once the last crystal is dead, the boss will have a soft enrage, and begin hitting faster and harder. He will also cast Desolation at will wiithout popup warnings. Purple void zones will appear on the ground, which the boss detonates a moment later; simply avoid them and continue DPS. Save limit breaks for this final phase, and the boss should die quickly enough. Though he will hit harder, the damage caused should not be difficult for a healer to cover unless the tank or a DPS is hit by a void zone explosion.