FFXIV Garo Crossover Event to be Available with Details

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-01-27 16:06:35
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During the previous Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's FanFest in Tokyo, we have known that Square Enix will implement Garo Crossover. The new equipement will be released after the launch of patch 3.5 part 1. Here let's preview some details.


You are accessible to two separate forms of the equipment, that you can purchase undyeable versions for MGP, or you can pick up dyeable versions as PvP rewards. The  collaboration will bring the armor of the four main Makai Knights from the TV show, the outfits of two Makai Priests, and three Madou horses as mounts.


Garo armor

Zero armor

Kiba armor

Dan armor

Reo outfit

Rekka outfit

Goten mount

Ginga mount

Raigo mount

Sword of Kiba Okami


It should be noticed that each armor and outfit will include head, torso, gloves and legs. Armor and outfits are regarded as prizes in the Gold Saucer, whole a second version that you'll be able to dye will be provided as a PvP reward. Mounts could be gained through in-game achievements.


For more details, you can see the below trailer to get more information.




Are you looking forward? It will launch soon! The patch 3.5 part 1 is launched, what do you think? For more information, you can go to ffxiv4gil.com to see, where is also the best place to buy ffxiv gil. Have a nice day.