FFXIV General Investigation:Plans for Heavensward

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-04-23 11:45:36
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I was just wondering what everyone's goals or plans were for heavensward. I think that it is fun to see how everyone plans to attack a new expansion plus it gives me an idea about how I should go about it. Unfortunately I am the type of person who will make plans and as I play I keep changing what I want to do until I find myself spread so thin that I get behind lol. This would be easier if I was in a raid and knew what role I was but I'm not in one and still looking for one so it's pretty tough.



Basically I was maining drg till static broke, this static took me from t1 to a t5 win, then I switched to pld and the next static broke, this static took me from t6 to turn 9 win and down to 3% on t10 (always great statics with alot of progress but ppl are always late or dont show up so people quit, my luck sucks lol). So that leaves me sitting on ilvl110 drg and ilvl128 pld. Without a raid I am a little directionless lol. My current plan was to first enjoy the story at a leisurely pace maxing out either pld first since it it the highest (plus I want to main drk if I can play it well) or drg since dps jobs are harder to get dungeons for (long ques). Depending on my first choice I will level the other second and max it out at a faster pace then work on a healer. That way I can have a tank dps and a healer leveled and be ready to take on anything a raid might need me for. But as you can see I am already torn between should I lvl pld first or a dps first lol. I already see myself spreading myself thin between the two in the beginning haha.

Sorry if all that was tmi I just wanted to give everyone a sense of where I am coming from. Basically I said all that to say this, I am trying to come up with a solid plan on how I should attack the expansion and I am curious what you guys have planned for the expansion and how you guys stay focused on the plans you have. Any advice or experience would be appreciated or you could just say what you are looking forward to most if you don't have a set plan. Even if you don't plan to raid I still want to hear what you plans are so please let me know