FFXIV Gil Making Guide:How to Farm Safe and Fast FFXIV Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-10-27 03:20:20
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If you are asked whether we can farm ffxiv gil or not, i am pretty sure that the answer will be YES.But the question here today is whether you know how to farm ffxiv gil and how to farm it fast ?


I bet every FFXIV fans understands how crucial the role of ffxiv gil plays in the process of a battle or combat.FFXIV gil is still in the highest demand .The hint is farming ffxiv gil is not always a boring and never ending thing that done by yourself alone,make ffxiv gil and rich is always happen in a community.Here,let's share some ideas.

1.Choose a perfect time to farm ffxiv gil
First step is how to survive in the game.You need to focus on geeting your characters up to a stable level when they can make decent amount of ffxiv gil themselves before wasting your precious play time on the slow ffxiv gil farming.You need to remember that as long as you have enough gil to meet your basic demand ,do not hurry to farm ffxiv gil.Because farming at higher level will be much safer and faster.

2.Crafting skills will be highly required to farm ffxiv gil
Once you get a higher level,and also have some extra gil during the leveling,it is time for you to invest your ffxiv gil for rewarding activities.Choose the best crafting skills you like, of course this will requre much gaming experiences and knowledge,it is always better to follow the ffxiv game guide.Once you know the crafting skills better,it is easier to make yourself rich in FFXIV.Meanwhile,you can also pick up some cheap items which you can sell quickly and make profits faster.

3.Always be aware of take benift of FFXIV Auction House
We do believe that when you pass the second step,you are now kinda rich in the game,but being richer is always the dream.Never forget to use the Auction House to buy and sell items,especially those rare items and worth investing.It is not a big deal if you make 30 million a day by buying and selling with the Auction House,as long as you have enough FFXIV gil yo run the business.

Above the points are our experience and understanding of farming ffxiv gil fast .Keep that in mind,and you wil find farming ffxiv gil cheap is not always a boring thing ,it can be enjoyable and quite smart thing doing in the game.Imaging that one day when your character if famous in the Auction House,hundreds of people are PM you for buying and selling great items,how much FFXIV gil you will make per day?