FFXIV Guide:How to Get Marrid in Game

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-03-07 11:32:57
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First you get 50 in the official website to buy your wedding dress suit, both sides need to purchase (reportedly wedding dress both sides must have the same level), there is a free, mid-range, high-grade three, can ride on white Chocobo senior wedding wedding decoration options may be more. After buying a few dress suit mailed to the mailbox, is a bracelet.



Go to the Black Forest area of East 17th and 18th the next task, I remember the equipment bracelets, and then all the way down to complete the task, the task to run a lot of places, although they may be single people do, but together they can save a lot of transfer fees. Another task items goldsmiths wedding ring is made, the transaction line is very cheap.

Task has been done inside the wedding hall, there is a NPC can help you modify the wedding options, such as who is holding a bouquet and the like. NPC is scheduled outside the hall to get married out of time.

Embrace expression, wedding dress head, body, legs, shoes, a family of four is married task is easily accomplished capacity, easy to get, you can get without a partner, white free is also very beautiful. Bridal hairstyles are only finish the task, I'm not finish, so it is still the original hairstyle, the task done will send a big cake. Prayers go around picking up clothes, this matter of marriage processes introduced Final Fantasy 14.