FFXIV Guide:Some points for learning Bis EX and Rav EX in DF smooth

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-11-19 13:14:47
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"I never jumped on the Extreme Primal bandwagon while it was relevant, but I'd like to clear Bismarck and Ravana EX now. The issue is that I'm not sure how quickly people will join a Bismarck EX clear party or a farm party for Ravana now that Thordan is out. So that leaves DF.I know that Duty Finder is... well, Duty Finder. I was wondering what peoples' experiences have been with trying to clear Bismarck or Ravana in DF. Is it easier now that everyone is (theoretically) better geared? Is it harder because now the only people running it are people looking to clear and who haven't done it until now?"

We got the above problem from our ffxiv gil buyers, we did Rav EX as a WAR and was able to farm 6+ tomes. The Echo helps alot, especially when newcomers die repeatedly to the same mechanics. So far, our best attempt was a second try with 5% Echo. Most of the time it's usually 10-25%. Here are some points that we do at the start of every fight to make the learning smooth:
1).Explain that you WILL wipe if you have 2 or more newcomers and that the first attempt should be getting as much experience as possible.
2).Mark your MT, OT, and the quadrants. Tell your DPS to follow the OT during the Seeing X if they are unsure where to attack, and during Liberation and Rose of Conviction.
3).Explain that 1 sword-A, 2-B, etc. during Swift Liberation and tell them to run to the previous marker immediately after Ravana dashes, then to the middle.
4).Explain how you'll be doing Final Liberation (both tanks eat it twice, or other players eat it once then pass it to tanks). A and C waymarks are Prey targets, B is the safe zone. Once you're past Final Lib, you SHOULD be able to clear this fight.
5).I mostly OT since most tanks are fine MTing but suck ass when stacking for Blinding Blade. The rotation usually goes Tapasya -> Blinding Blade. If players can't read their debuff bars, we also sprint and grab Prey from them and then pass it on to the MT.

Overall, we never had to initiate a vote abandon and alot of newcomers we dealt with were eager to learn.

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