FFXIV guide: To be NO.1 Tank in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-05-03 10:51:12
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Are you a tank in FFXIV: ARR? As a Tank, do you think that you are common or excellent ? You could have seen a Tank didn’t to draw hatred so that Healer was attacked by some monsters and even hit to death. The Tank should be to blame. Here is guide to tell you how to an excellent Tank in the game.

Many of new Tank classes have the problems when they face several monsters, this is, Tank generally closes to enemies and casts Flash to draw their fire; then Tank uses Fast Blade and Savage Blade to attack. That strategy is correct and useful to slay common monsters. But even if Flash, Flash Blade and Savage Blade are continuously released when you face strong monsters, your Tank can not draw monsters because the lack of TP and MP.

How to solve problem? The solution is Riot Blade.

Riot Blade is not only as a attack skill following Fast Blade but also restore about 24 MP.

In the initial stage of fights, you can try


Of course, if there is one of strong DPS classes is dead, your Tank can cast Shield Lob (Complete the Gladiator quest and gain the skill).


There are fight screenshots to show you: