FFXIV Guide:What kind of profession is suit most for you

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-09-01 14:04:21
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Since Final Fantasy XIV just release the new edition not for a long time, but many online shops has began to hot sell FFXIV Gil. Now FFXIV4Gil.com sells cheap FFXIV Gil to players and gamers can experience a very good service here. There are so many professions in game so that players may have no idea of how to choose one. Today let us have a look on several professions. Then based on these details you consider what kind of profession is suit for you.



Weapon: Star Globe
The unique skill of this character is that the Astrologian can select randomly from a deck of six cards, each with a buff that and the buffs are potent, and require knowledge and quick decision making skills from the player. Additionally, the job can switch between two stances when out of combat and permit it to act as a direct healer like the White Mage, or a preventive healer like the Scholar.
Players can play this job if they enjoy playing as Support, but want a thick layer of strategic gameplay to make healing as interesting and challenging as possibly.

Weapon: Bow
The unique skill of this character is that Bard is the most changeable damage dealer in the game, it is able to punish foes with a series of ranged attacks when it on the move. It is also have the ability of playing songs to buff teammates nearby, making it an important component of any serious party.
Even though Bard could be the most mobile damage dealer in Final Fantasy XIV, but it is going to receive a new choice for dealing damage. It comes in the form a song gives abilities cast times to have more damage.
Players can play this job if they like to deal damage and they can provide some irreplaceable utility to their groups.

White Mage
Weapon: Staff
The unique skill of this character is that the White Mage is the best direct healer in the FFXIV which been equipped with powerful heals, it is the backbone of any successful group.
The additions of this character are that Asylum and Assize can provide better means for healing groups and Tetragrammaton can improve your burst healing capabilities. What’s more, players will have more offensive choices through Stone III and Aero III.
As we have mentioned three professions of Final Fantasy XIV above, I will continue to in traduce the professions in FFXIV, do not forget to buy enough FFXIV Gil at FFXIV4Gil.com for your specific profession since FFXIV4Gil.com always sells cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.