FFXIV Guied to Improve Equipment When you Get Full Level

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-11-26 12:09:12
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The first stage, just to level 50, your first priority is to get the ticket to change the tickets the equipment level 55 army weapons, if not so much the ticket can buy a 55 in the market, should not expensive.

In order to improve such as well into the back of the book, first commonly in 1-2 jewelry (all in) is not recommended. In addition to white magic, scholars outside for first hit equipment, white magic priority singing speed equipment, scholars give priority to with critical firing power equipment

The second stage: the ancient weapon task cyrstal. Should wear etc should be 50, lucky 55 there is. Task: bay at dusk and Derek Ian harte conversation. To the loss of spiritual talk. The widow village, to the northern forest map of the northeast corner of a blacksmith, recovery task name should call what ancient weapons. Pick up the hard to do. At the same time, phase prisms ancient labyrinth.

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