FFXIV Heavensward Dark Knight Full Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-05-31 01:33:19
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FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV): Heavensward could be the first expansion released in the spring of this year. There are new practiced content added in Heavensward, which includes flying mounts, two new beast,tribes, the new Primals, Dark Knight and some other items. In addition to Paladin and Warrior, the Dark Knight is the new Tank position in Heavensward. Who is just fitted out with a Greatsword which is a two-handed weapon. Also he could be a magic wielder as well. Which is totally different from any other progressive Tank positions in Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, the Dark Knight has no fundamental class.



But many players may ask that how to become the Dark Knight in the game world of Final Fantasy XIV? Players will be a Dark Knight in the game only if players buy Heavensward. That will be pretty good for the fans of Final Fantasy XIV, since it is need not to be the new tank by such a hard level upgrading. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will bring Final Fantasy XIV players a new and interesting content in the coming days. And the Dark Night is the new experience. So just keep an eye on this game look forward to the coming of the day. If you want to full enjoy this game, prepared some ffxiv gil must be a smart choice.