FFXIV Heavensward Dungeon Guide:Sohm Al dungeon

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-08-13 13:48:07
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Sohm Al dungeon,this dungeon was added by the Heavensward expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. We will look at its entry requirements as well as the first two bosses of the dungeon. Buy FFXIV Gil before heading in so you’ll have cash for repairs later on.


Unlocking the dungeon for your FFXIV Gil hunter
The Sohm Al dungeon is designed for Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters at level 53 or higher. Before you can enter the dungeon however, you will first need to start the main scenario quest Mourn in Passing. The latter can be taken from Alphinaud who is located in The Dravanian Forelands (x23, y19). This quest in turn requires players to first clear the Lord of the Hive quest. Note that the dungeon requires a light party of four members. The party will have 90 minutes to clear the dungeon before it closes automatically.

Getting FFXIV Gil from Raskovnik
The first boss of the dungeon FFXIV players will encounter is Raskovnik. This huge plant will cast Acid Rain during the fight. The skill places circular patches beneath members of the party that will deal damage. Simply move out of them to avoid the AoE damage. Afterwards, the boss will use Sweet Scent. This ability will summon Dravanian Hornet adds that slowly move toward the boss. These need to be killed quickly. The next skill Raskovnik uses is Devour. This will mark a random player. After a few moments the marked player will be sucked in, stunned and dealt damage. Any nearby hornets will also be consumed by the boss, improving its damage for each add consumed. Lastly, Spit will be cast dealing damage to the whole party. Heal through these attacks as they repeat until the boss is defeated.

Clearing Myath for FFXIV Gil
The second boss of the dungeon is Myath. This prehistoric reptile has powerful cleave attacks that need to be avoided. Players also need to watch out for its Primordial Roar. This ability deals AoE damage and summons gelatinous adds. Be sure to focus down the green blobs. The red and blue ones however can be left. The boss will pick these up and hurl it at a random player dealing damage. Finally, there is Chyme of the Mountain. This will cause a chunk of rock to appear and start casting a skill. Destroy it quickly else the part be dealt massive damage.