FFXIV Heavensward Guide:How Flying Mounts Will Work

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-04-14 11:20:29
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Flying mounts, a new race, and three new jobs are some of the main attractions of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s upcoming expansion. Producer Naoki Yoshida recently shared more details during their Letter from the Producer Live Part XX.


The first thing they talked about during the Live Letter, was a bit on Heavensward’s main scenario, called “The Dragonsong War” which boats more than 50 hours of gameplay, and Square Enix plan to add more scenario content through future patches.

In addition to the new “Au Ra” race, the expansion will add plenty of sub-quests for new and existing jobs, including some for the Disciples of the Hand and Land jobs. Keep in mind that crafters and gatherers will also see a higher level cap of level 60, too.

The Heavensward expansion will also add nine new areas to the game, which includes Ishgard and the Floating Continent. The new areas will be 50 to 100 percent larger than the existing ones. There will also be FATEs in all the new areas, and also new mounts.

Square Enix also shared more details on the much anticipated Flying Mounts feature. These mounts won’t have any restrictions for landing and taking off, and will also have full control on X, Y, and Z axes; however, players will have to “attune” to an area before being able to fly on a mount.

While we’re not exactly sure what they mean by needing to attune to an area, it will likely be similar to the way you use crystals for teleporting. Again, flight will be possible in all the new Heavensward areas, but it won’t be possible in the 2.0 areas, or the current areas.

In the next segment of the Heavensward presentation, they touched on the battle system and new jobs. The leveling for the new jobs of Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist, will start at level 30, meaning, you’ll have to at least get another class up to level 30 before being able to use one of the newer ones.

As previously mentioned, the level cap of all jobs will rise to 60, and each job will get multiple new actions. The level 3 Limit Breaks are no lo longer shared, and will now feature unique ones for each jobs.

There are plans for new job-specific equipment among other new gear, and there will be two new set of Allagan Tomestones, starting with the weekly-limited Allagan Tomestones of Esoterics and the Allagan Tomestones of Law, which has no limits.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Heavensward expansion will release on June 23, 2015 with an early-access starting on June 19th.