FFXIV Hullbreaker Isle and New Minion for Patch 2.3

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-08-04 03:36:13
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The new content of FF14 Patch 2.3 has been released for a while, most of players can’t wait to play it with friends. As we all know, in this new patch, FFXIV development has added 3 new dungeons. Today, we are glad to introduce the FFXIV dungeon Hullbreaker Isle in patch 2.3 which requires a light part of 4 players and average item level of 70 or higher to enter and share our personal experience here.


Boss 1 - Sasquatch
The first two bosses you should pay attention to the AOE skills.The first gorillas isn’too hard, the AOE skill called Stool Pelt that would do around 2000 damage to a random party member every so often. Each time the boss beats his chest you should drop bananas for the boss to eat. And the add will steal the bananas if they still alive, so the DPS should finish all adds as soon as possible.

Boss 2 - Sjoorm
It would be the easiest one in this dungeon which would summon Water Orbs AOE skills.Don’t close to the orbs, you would be sucked in the Watery Grave. Every body in this party must get to a bubble and let Watery Grav lift it up.

Boss 3 - Kraken
We have tried 3 times to deal with this boss. At the first, the Tank should go ahead to against the Tentacles so that the other players wouldn't be attacked. Periodically, the boss will put a green indicator over a party members head. What's recommended is that the person who has the green dot use the jetstream to move over to an unoccupied platform and as soon as the tornado drops, come back to the first one.The Tank still stay in the platform, and the others players jump to the right platform till the indicator disappear and the detonate dealing damage to everyone on that platform for around 3000 damage.

While, there is a Tentacles has hook will also pick up a random person and send them to the platform that has the tornado. They have to jump back to the group to avoid eating that damage. So, the DPS should try the best to finish these hooker then to deal the Tentacles.

Well, after finished this dungeon, You'll lucky to get the new Dungeon Minion: Naughty Nanka. As for now, there is less people have this minion. If you want,just come to Auction House to buy it!