FFXIV Mounts Drop Rate Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-03-13 03:40:45
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What Are The Rate of Drop Mounts?
Drop mounts rate is one of the problems that Blizzard do not want to talk about, and ff14 Gil still has not a clear answer. There is always a lucky man who get a rare mount in once time, and there is also a unluck guy who has not get one after trying many time



In TBC version, many players said that the phoenix drop rate is 0.2%, after revising it changed to 1%. Of course, this kind of view has not got a clear statement from Blizzard. And there are many players said that phoenix, firebird, omvincible and so on is 1%. What dose 1% mean? Meaning that we can get it after brushing one hundred time? No matter how to conjecture, it still can not logical to the fact.

There are one point can be certain that mount critical rate is different. For example, the drop rate of the two blue dragon droped from etermal eye is higher than others. On the contrary, the mounts droped from Mr. Ni Kriya is lower than other.

How to increase the drop rate?
In the verssion of TBC, there is always some players deive in the methods of getting Everest elsinore blade. Such as PC add BUFF and so on. The only problem is that it dose not work some times. Now there are some players said that NAXX four horsemen strike Raven in the end will increase the drop rate of Final Battle to 50%. I have tried it many time, the result is that is dose not work some times.

The intelligent players always can figure out some ways to improve the drop rate. It is pity that the success rate of these methods are still not reach 100 per cent. For example, some players have pointed out that if you leave the backpack field only one when you brush the god of crow will greatly improve the mount drop rate. Unfortunately, I have tried several times, but only once I succeed. So getting a rare mount is just a lucky things. We still can not know its rate.