FFXIV Patch 2.4 Combat Guide to The Akh Afah Aphitheatre Hard

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-10-30 11:25:59
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As we all know, there is new primal boss in the FF14 patch 2.4 Dream of Ice. Shiva is the primal of ice and likes to unleash blizzards, Diamond Dust, deal Ice-elemental damage and she’s battle ground will be called the "Ahk Afah Amphitheater"

The Ahk Afah Amphitheater (HARD) is level 50 trail that requires a full party of 8 players who armed with level 80 or higher to join this combat. We can get the reward of Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery and Poetics as reward. In addition, there is other mode which is Ahk Afah Amphitheater (Extreme). While, full party of 8 players need to have items level 95 or higher to join it!

The Ability of Shiva:
She can be acquired by purchasing the level 2 summon magic spell icen.
Whit summoning: Mesmerize – casts sleep on al enemies
Black summoning: Icy Stare – deals Ice damage to one enemy
High summoning: Diamond Dust – deals Ice damage to all enemies

The Point in the Akh Afah Aphitheatre Hard: When Shiva is summoning 4 monsters, the Tank pull boss fly around the ground, another Tank pull the 4 monsters. All DPS should clear all summoners as soon as possible.

The Point in the Akh Afah Aphitheatre Extreme: There are several mechanics and they're determined by the weapon Shiva draws.

Sword:casts AOE damage. The tank has to run through and hit the whole group with it to split damage glacial bash stuns and does damage. Tank can run through this. It's like slipstream.

Bow:Blue marker: targets the person and pushes them back. To tank her at the wall and then have the whole group flank her on the right, whoever gets the target moves out of the group and gets pushed back.270* AOE. Stack behind her when she does it or it'll one shot you .

Cane:Blue markers: spreads out 4-5 players get a blue marker that does damage to them and anyone around them.White ground AOE, don't stand in it.