FFXIV Patch 2.4 Dungeon Guide to Snowcloak

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-11-05 11:15:27
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FFXIV: ARR Snowcloak is a level 50 dungeon added in Patch 2.4. It requires four-players equipped with level 80 or above items to challenge. You can accept the quest, The Path of the Righteous, and explore the dungeons.
There are three bosses in the Snowcloak dungeon; they are Wandill.


Boss 1: Wandill
Wandill is the first boss in Snowcloak.
AOE Skill. He can some AOE skills which increase a stacking Debuff. When the Debuff reaches 4 stacks, all of you groups are frozen for a short duration.
Summon Ice Bombs. He can summon ice bombs periodically which can self destruct to cause damage. Once you are hit by ice bombs, you will lose lots of HP.
When Wandill has 45% of HP, he will cast skill to freezing the outside arena. If you stay on the ice for tow long, you will give the stacks a frozen. Thus, you and your allies should step on the ice.

To kill Wandill, you go forward and encounter several Snowcloak Goobbues. You and your allies should slay the adds before fighting against the second boss, Yeti.

Boss 2: Yeti
Frontal Cone AOE. Yeti can cast a frontal cone AOE skill to damage every player in the front in the melee range.
Breath Attack. This breath attack is vital to defeat him.
Summon Frostbound. Yeti can summon the mini-boss Frostbound to attack players.
At the beginning of the fight, all of you focus the damage on Yeti. When Yeti casts Cone AOE, you and your allies should be out of the cone area. When Frostbound is summoned, DPS should attack it and Tank still draws the boss.
Spriggan Icecustles are useful. When they are hit by Yeti’s cone AOE skill, they can turn Snowballs. There are three sizes of Snowballs: large, medium and small. Different sizes of Snowballs deal different damage to Yeti. Snowball which is hit by frontal cone AoE attacks or merged together will increase in size.
-The large snowball deals around 30,000 damage.
-The Medium deals around 10,000 damage.
-The Small deals around 2000 damage.

You keep them alive. Meanwhile, you make Spriggan Icecustles and Snowballs in front of Yeti. But you need to note that Yeti's cleave attack can destroy Snowballs.

Boss 3: Fenrir
After your group kill some monsters, you will meet the final boss, Fenrir.
Icicles. Ferir can cast three Icicles to drop randomly on the field. The two of Icicles target your groups with AOE after they land, which deals lots of huge damage.The third can explore to damage you. You and your groups should avoide them as quickly as possible.
Ice Storm. After Icicles land, there is Ice Storm.
Lunar Cry. After Icicles end, Lunar Cry is the a battlefield-wide move of Fenrir. It can cause Debuff to freeze you when it is charged.
Jump and bite. Fenrir can jump to bite a frozen party member, to deal heavy damage. If no one is frozen, the boss will jump to attack Tank.

In the fighting, Tank should draws Fenrir in the side of the room; other classes should attack it in the other side.