FFXIV Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate Revealed

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-11-30 03:19:59
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FFXIV developers are preparing the upcoming patch 3.5, The Far Edge of Fate. The patch will gradually revealed. We will see the part one in January and part 2 in March. Let's see rough details below.


FFXIV patch 3.5


New Content in Patch 3.5

New dungeons

Baelsar's Wall: the Garlean gate located in the East Shroud. This extensive wall separates the Garlean Empire and Eorzea, and was built with the intention of protecting the Empire from the threat of beast tribes and primals. The warrior of light will finally be able to storm into this area.)

Sohm Al (Hard): the hard mode dungeon for Sohm Al, implemented in 3.0. In the normal version you scaled your way up, but this time you'll be descending downwards. You can look forward to finding out exactly why you'll be visiting this area once more. 

New alliance raid dungeon: this is the third entry in the Mhach series. This will be the 24 player alliance raid dungeon.

Dun Scaith


There are also be several quests added, like the below quests:


  • New main scenario quests 
  • New Warring Triad quests 
  • New side quests 
  • Scholasticate quests
  • Hildibrand's Heavensward adventures
  • Anima weapon story quests


The quests added will enable you summon a companion Chocobo. Except being treated as an extra party member, Chocobos will now be treated as a pet, such as a Summoner's Egi. Chocobos will also be summonable with a full party, meaning you will be able to have 8 party members and 8 Chocobos in one party.


More details will be revealed during the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo next month. You can check the live letter about the new patch on official forum. For those who are playing FFXIV, our website is a safe one that you can get FFXIV gil with cheap price, and is worth trust by many buyers.