FFXIV Patch 4.0 Details Announced at Fan Festival 2016 in Las Vegas

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-07-09 05:04:37
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According to what the producer of Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida said, the official would like to share the biggest news of patch 4.0 together with the fans at the Fan Festival 2016 in Las Vegas. What an exciting news! October will be definitely an amazing month! I just can’t wait for Patch 3.35, now the big news really make me more crazy, what about you guys?



In addition, Square Enix has added huge changes to the Patch 4.0. For one, Patch 3.5 is confirmed to be identical with 2.5. According to Yoshida, Patch 3.5 is “big pivot” in the story.

Why the official likes October? Because of the first big news of Heavensward announced in 10, 2014, therefore they choose purposely the Fan Festival in Las Vegas, the same month this year.

The relevant interviews:
Q: Except for the Ishgard in Patch 3.4, is there any new area in the Patch 4.0?
A: Ishgard is still here. Dragonsong War will come to the end.
Q: What Patch is the last one in 3.0 series?
A: Patch 3.5.
Q: What do you think of 3.0 series and 4.0 series?
A: Sorry, no more words about stories, details in October.
Q: Will the new Patch 4.0 will be announced in October?
A: Of course. This mmo gains the support of a large number of players, and we certainly share the big news with folks.
So, all folks let’s look forward to October’s coming!

When it comes to Patch 4.0, there are lots of hot discussions and I’d like to provide you two representative threads – FFXIV Patch 4.0, is it true? and What classes in 4.0 would you like to see? Both can help you know more about the new patch. From now on, FFXIV4GIL will further report the relevant current information, please keep your eyes on our ffxiv news.