FFXIV Retainer Ventures Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-06-20 13:49:41
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One of the surprise additions to Final Fantasy XIV with the release of patch 2.2 was the implementation of something known as Ventures. The Ventures system allows you to send your retainer(s) on missions known as “Ventures”. Upon completing the Venture, retainers will return with an item (or multiple items) as a reward.


In this FFXIV Ventures guide, we will be discussing exactly what we have learned, going over the basics of Ventures along with the rewards available to those participating in Ventures.

How to Unlock and Start Using Ventures
Getting started with Ventures is very easy. To unlock Ventures, you first need to have a retainer (naturally) and then complete the quest “An Ill-Conceived Venture”. This is a level 17 quest available in each major city (you only have to do it in one city – it does not matter which). The questgiver was right by the Aetheryte in Gridania, so I imagine the NPC is located in similar location in both Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah. If you are having trouble finding the NPC, just open up your map and mouse over the exclamation marks until you find the right quest.Once you complete the quest and talk to the various NPCs involved, you will now be able to assign your retainer on Ventures.

Retainer Class & Gear
Before undertaking Ventures, players must assign their retainer a class (players can select from any DoW, DoM, or DoL class). Retainers can earn experience points for completing Ventures and level up just like regular characters. DoW and DoM classes go on “Hunting” ventures (bringing back largely animal drops like skins) while DoL go on gathering ventures and bring back materials typical for a gatherer of that profession and level.

Retainers also get access to equipment slots. They can be equipped with a full set of equipment corresponding to their class and level. In theory, equipping your Retainer is supposed to increase the quality of Venture rewards and may even increase the quality and amount of loot earned during these Ventures.

Retainers can only level as high as the player currently is leveled with that particular class. As a result, if you only have Fisher leveled to 10, your Retainer will be capped at level 10 Fisher until you level up your own Fisher. It generally makes sense to assign your Retainers to classes that you already have leveled up. Not only will that allow you to easily level your Retainer to 50, but you will also be able to equip them with hand-me-down gear without a problem.

Both of your Retainers can be sent to undertake Ventures. Your retainers do not have to choose the same class and are equipped independently. You can change your retainer’s class, but they will have to start over at level 1 if you do.