FFXIV: Square Enix Released Screenshots Showcasing The Patch 4.1

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-10-07 16:19:52
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For Final Fantasy XIV's the developers, the team has enough funding to continue expanding their game. They are focusing on create a high-quality experience. Many players hope Final Fantasy XIV never goes free-to-play. They have seen so many great games devolve as a result of F2P advantages, being inundated with microtransactions and lootboxes that fund the expensive continual development. 



Square Enix released a batch of screenshots showcasing the upcoming 4.1 update of Final Fantasy XIV, dubbed The Legend Returns. First of all, we get to see the first look at the Return to Ivalice 24-man raid, which will bring us to the lost city of Rabanastre. Secondly, we get a look at the super-challenging Unending Coil of Bahamut. 


We'll even be able to change the looks of their equipment, while the level cap will be raised. Visit the official website here to preview more screenshots. The focus of Patch 4.1 is the continuation of the main story. The patch will require the player to own the original game as well as both expansions - Heavensward and Stormblood - and have completed them both. 


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