FFXIV Tips to Sell Item for Profit Smartly

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-12-10 11:13:59
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Today, we’re going show an easy way for you to make sure the items you’re selling on the market are going for a fair price. This is particularly helpful if you’re crafting and you find yourself spending more ffxiv gil on materials than you’re making on finished products. Like any successful business, you have to earn more than you spend. FFXIV isn’t going to maximize your profits for you. Fortunately, it only takes a couple button presses to see how much you should be selling your items for.

Just in case you didn’t know, there are a couple ways you can buy items in this game. You could go to the various shops that are run by NPCs, or you can buy directly from fellow players. You can find what other players are selling by visiting the market boards in the major cities. You can search for whatever you want from the market board. The money you spend there will go to the player that put it up. You too can sell items like this once you hire a retainer and give them items to sell for you. But when you do this, you have to make sure you just aren’t giving your goods away.

When you give an item to a retainer to sell, you’ll be shown a menu with a default asking price and options to alter the price. Always alter the price. The game may give your item a default value of 11 gil even if you could potentially get hundreds if not thousands of gil for it. To know your item’s worth, you have to check how much other other players have been selling it for. You can do this buy clicking on a small white icon labeled “compare prices” within the price adjustment menu. This menu shows how other players have priced the item. If you want to know how much people in the past have actually gotten from their sales, click on another small button labeled “history” within that same menu that shows the history of sales. If you see your item has been selling recently for 500 gil, don’t sell yours for 11 gil. The goal is to sell at market value. High demand and high quality items go for higher prices.

Keep this in mind whenever you sell items to other players. You’ll stand a chance to make significantly more money if you pay attention to market conditions.Good luck!