FFXIV WAR or DRK: Which One Do You Prefer

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-01-10 02:50:56
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As a fan of FFXIV, if let you choose between Warrior and Dark Knight, which one will you choose, and why. Let's take a look at fans' choices and why they prefer.


FFXIV Dark Knight


Fans Prefer WAR for the following reasons. 

1. Personally, too many buttons for DRK. 

2. It is found that WAR is good at self-sustaining. WAR is absolutely the best designed tank in the game. The abilities are balanced (or OP depending on your perspective), the way you go from defense to attack is streamlined, you could always find a way to self heal or have a cd for the most part. Its a great OT and MT but mostly used as an OT. Its great at everything and all content. Every group wants a WAR 100% of the time.

3. Smooth transition when switching between Defiance and Deliverance. You don't have to worry about Mana or GCDs.

4. Decent damage capability with Darkside + Carve and Spit/Soul Eater.

5. Best (personal opinion here) AoE tank threat gain: Unleash/Abyssal Drain. Flash blinds on PLD and Overpower is good damage wise but Unleash just works really well without having to worry about the Overpower directional cone.


Fans Prefer DRK for the following reasons.

1. DRK will always be faster because you can sprint and blood price will be up for every single big pull. You won't have vengeance on every pull so WAR falls behind in dungeons.

2. DRK is great for most everything but takes a bit to learn. You have to manage, TP/MP and 6 oGCDs. DRK is extremely fun for speed pulling dungeons since you can pop sprint and still round up mobs and self heal like a champ with large packs. DRKs CDs are built around mitigating magic attacks but it tanks all content like a champ. Typically shares the MT role with PLD or a 2nd WAR.

3. You will have more fun with DRK for you have much things to do. As other said, the skill ceiling is high so a really good DRK really stands out. DRK is much more about what you have available in the moment. Can I DA here, should I Abyssal Drain, what stats do I have available now and for the next few GCDs and how should I spend them?

4. Utility to swap between tank and dps stance freely.

5. Large amount of survivability with heal back skills and Holmgang.


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