FFXIV: What You Should Do to Find Right Static

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-12-20 18:37:41
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Statics in FFXIV are just groups of people who share a common interest in beating a boss. Players may get discouraged about what should do to find right static groups. So here are what you should do and warning signs that you're in bad groups displayed to avoid.


FFXIV static group


What You Should Do

If you want to stay with a particular static, you need to be invested in those people. Below are what you should pay attention to or do.


1. Chemistry is important. It's usually very easy to tell if you're going to hate someone in the group.


2. Shared focus is also important. someone who is "oh it's just a game" will not get along with "I will do whatever it takes to see this boss dead today" ever.


3. Being able to take criticism and questioning is also significant - Some groups just can't. Their egos are too fragile.


4. Best thing you can do is find raid groups with people you know so you have a foothold of stability, make sure the people in it are friendly, maybe run content with the members outside of raiding, make friends. But just be prepared for the inevitable, that raid groups are people and they won't last forever. If you keep static raiding, you too will have to occasionally jump ship and make new friends and play with new statics.


Warning Signs that You're in Bad Groups

A command-and-control ("dictatorial") leadership style: This could work well for some great groups, keeping them on track during a world first race or something. When you're breaking into raiding you aren't with a great group, and that probably means everyone, including the leader, needs to collaborate to improve.


The same mistakes repeated over and over again, without communication and a learning process: It needs to be clear here that people learn at different rates, so someone struggling with a mechanic isn't what I mean. If the group is "too polite" to make suggestions when someone is wiping the raid and/or people are not willing to adapt when they do get asked to make a change, that's trouble.


Dead-ending at enrage for weeks on end after mastering mechanics: Especially on the first two floors, if everyone is executing correctly but you can never beat enrage, there is probably a player skill issue. If enough people can't or aren't willing to learn how to DPS properly, you're just going to be stuck until the next 24 man gives gear upgrade tokens.


This one only if you're not OK with a casual static. Members who are 'core' by virtue of being related, significant others, life-long best friends, etc. If they're good it's no problem, but a non-casual static has to be able to kick players who cannot or will not improve under some situations. Also a real-life breakup can precipitate a static breakup.


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