FFXIV's Halloween Event Sets a Good Example

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-10-27 04:28:46
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This year, Final Fantasy XIV held a "All Saints' Wake" event in celebration of Halloween. And the event is special and different this time. You can check the details on the official site.


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The main task for you is to talk to an NPC in Gridania, like any ol' event, but instead of doing a menial task or sitting through dialogue to get your themed cosmetic items, you'll net them by doing an instanced dungeon with three other players. You can head into it with a party of your choosing, but I highly recommend doing it with strangers and testing out your communication skills.


Players will go through the mansion filled with patrolling monsters and look for clues, which provide hints for locating treasure chests to complete each mission. The best approach is to split up and communicate with your team, providing them with tips as to what chests to open -- opening a wrong one or making contact with a monster will lower the group's sanity meter, so you have to work as a team or everyone fails.


The event based on non-violent way to approach dungeons. You'll have to do it three times to get every item. Enjoy the event. Besides, this time you can get FFXIV gil with lower price. As we make a promotion for our products, for our loyal customers, you can get up to 15 percents discount with the code from our email or live chat service on Halloween. And extra 5% off with the code "halloween" is given out. See more information on our website.