Final Fantasy XIV: Best Classes for New Players

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-10-14 14:57:42
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Final Fantasy XIV has exploded in popularity recently, and many new players might be wondering what is the best starting class. Here, let's talk about the best FFXIV classes for new players.

Every FFXIV Starting Class

Here's a list of every FFXIV starting class, their related jobs (leaving out the DLC jobs), and their class type (Tank, DPS, or Healer).

    • Gladiator – Paladin (Tank)
    • Marauder – Warrior (Tank)
    • Pugilist – Monk (Melee DPS)
    • Lancer – Dragoon (Melee DPS)
    • Rogue – Ninja (Melee DPS)
    • Archer – Bard (Ranged Physical DPS)
    • Thaumaturge – Black Mage (Ranged Magical DPS)
    • Arcanist – Summoner (Ranged Magical DPS) or Scholar (Healer)
    • Conjurer – White Mage (Healer)

How to Choose the Best FFXIV Class?

Choosing your starting class is the biggest early decision you'll make. Your class determines the play style you'll experience for dozens, if not hundreds of hours of playtime. The class you choose at the beginning of the game also dictates where your story begins.

You can eventually switch classes later in the game. In fact, you can play every single type of class on a single character, but to start, you should pick one class archetype and stick to it while you get comfortable. However, there are a few more things you might want to consider:

1). Even though you can switch base classes pretty early on, you'll have to stick with your first choice for at least several hours (depending on your pace). So don't be too hasty when choosing your base class in Final Fantasy XIV.

2). Consider trying out a few FF14 classes before continuing the leveling process with your favorite. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a hidden talent for being a living shield.

3). You can choose to level every class one by one, but this would take an incredible amount of time. After trying out a few, it's best to focus on a single class until you unlock that first job.

4). Different base classes have other starting locations. For the base classes, those cities are Ul'Dah (Gladiator, Pugilist, Thaumaturge), Gridania (Lancer, Archer, Conjurer), and Limsa Lominsa (Marauder, Rogue, Arcanist).

The Best Beginner Classes

Some Final Fantasy XIV classes are more suitable for beginning players than others. Let's jump into the one's I'd recommend if you're a brand new player:

1). Gladiator (upgrades to Paladin)

Out of the two starter Tank classes, Gladiator/Paladin is the perfect fit for a beginner player, especially if you're unfamiliar with the role. The class is quite flexible and offers a beginner-friendly utility in the form of damage dealing skills, plenty of mitigation and protection abilities, allowing you to protect and heal yourself as well as your fellow party members in the heat of battle. On top of that, the Gladiator transitions to Paladin at level 30, which is generally considered one of the best jobs in Final Fantasy XIV.

2). Arcanist (upgrades to Summoner or Scholar)

This is an excellent choice for a Final Fantasy 14 starter class as it's easily one of the most varied ones you can find. The Arcanist is a Disciple of Magic that grants you a pet companion, turning you into a ranged, magical DPS class. Arcanist is the only prerequisite class in the game that can specialize into two Jobs upon reaching Level 30, Summoner and Scholar. This means after getting this level with your character, both Jobs will be automatically open to you to choose from and can be leveled at the same time, despite which one you choose.

3). Conjurer (upgrades to White Mage)

This support class is the best choice if you're already set on being a healer. The job you can select to become after reaching level 30 will be White Mage, one of the better starting healers as it offers the most approachable abilities and attack rotations for a group. Picking a healing job is always tricky, but the White Mage is one of the best ways to choose when you're initially starting in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

4). Thaumaturge (upgrades to Black Mage)

Maybe you're not looking for an easy FF14 beginner class at all. Perhaps you want your first class to become the most potent DPS job in the game. If that's the case, the Thaumaturge is the best option for you. It will eventually unlock the master of ranged magical explosions: the Black Mage. This class can also teach you a lot about FF14's combat system, but again, it's not the most beginner-friendly class on this list.

Which classes will you choose? Will it be the Gladiator? Or are you going for the Arcanist? Also, for more information on the classes and jobs available in Final Fantasy XIV, has a job guide detailing their skills and gimmicks. Please read carefully!