Final Fantasy XIV Guide for Summoner beginner

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-12-19 11:49:07
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In view of scholars and Pakistan are based Warlock Summoner career, so the upgrade is synchronized. This became effort to upgrade the two professions can play the game the most time. ATK scholar does not high, but the baby does not play, so basically by Summoner upgrade.

Overall, the play now, summon and academics are very good playing career, if played Aion people should be very familiar with the fact, and elves sing the same call. After scholars and call transfer is still very easy group to the team. And scholars completely, but the latter part of the group plus the skills comes with a damage absorption shield is to increase the team's survival. So you want to play Pakistan Warlock, in fact two careers together, but also very good experience.

Finally, talk to scholars and calls after 50. 45 of occupational tasks will give you complete with five sets of which four, that the clothes have to wait until 50 tasks. These clothes are completely against a career, so while there will be summoned and academics clothes.

From 45 to start, you will find that the pattern has changed. Scholars call before the equipment is worn together, and all while adding intelligence and spirit. But wear it changed, scholars complete only add spirit, summoned only Canadian intelligence, so they led after put new equipment, there has been a prior academic intelligence is still greater than the spirit of no spirit higher than the intellect, but the gap is not very big, intelligence is still pricey, relative to white mage.