Final Fantasy XIV has more upgrades than FFXI

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-16 10:06:05
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There are five races in FFXIV for players to choose from which resemble the aesthetic nature of FFXI. The human race named Hyur is divided into 2 groups namely Highlanders and MidLanders. Another race which is similar to elf and are actual inhabitants of Eorzea are Elezen who are split into Duskwight Elezen and Wildwood Elezen and each of them have specific skills. Lalafell arethe midgethumanoids who have high intelligence and agility and come from southern regions of Eorzea. If player chooses these 2 races, they can farm gil at a slow speed. But you can buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil on our website directly. That will save you a lot of time.
This race is split into 2 groups namely Dunesfolk and Plainsfolk. The Roegadyn is another race of physically large characters who are split into Hellsguard and Sea Wolves. The cat-like humanoids are Miqo’te who are separated into 2 sections namely Nocturnal keeper of Moon that are dedicated to Menphina The Lover, the moon goddess and Seekers of the Sun who are dedicated to Azeyma the Warden, the Sun Goddess.

The producer of FFXI, Hiromichi Tanaka has mentioned that developers were working to make Rapture a worldwide released for Xbox 360, Sony PS3 and Personal computers runningWindowsVista and they officially announced about FFXIV at Game Developers Conference 2008. Later during Sony E3 Conference held on June 2nd 2009, an official announcement regarding FFXIV release for MicrosoftWindowsbased PCs and Sony PlayStation 3 was made. The game’s trailer which had in-game sequences and pre-rendered cinematic sequences running from Crystal Tools engine was displayed during the announcement.
Players from various parts have done the alpha testing during April 2010 which had 10% ofthe completegame. The game was earlier codenamed as Rapture and was first talked about in 2005 August, when Square Enix Corporation mentioned that they were working on an MMORPG which was a sequel to FFXI.