Final Fantasy XIV Has Passed 10 Million Cumulative Players

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-08-09 08:47:25
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Up to now, Final Fantasy XIV has passed 10 million cumulative players, it should be noted that the 10 million tally includes those who took advantage of the game's free trial option. Square Enix celebrated a milestone for Final Fantasy XIV as the game exceeded 10 million players worldwide. Obviously, this figure is impressive.



Square Enix notes that this milestone coincides with the release of patch 4.06, which is the start of the annual Moonfire Faire seasonal event. During this event, players can participate in a new questline, which includes a matchup against Ultros and his uncontrollable tentacles.


Amusingly, Square Enix emphasized that Stormblood largely contributed to the company's first quarter earnings. In just ten days of availability, Stormblood helped the MMO segment amass 9.3 billion yen ($84.304 million) in net sales revenue, representing a mighty 67% year-over-year. Since 2013, the game has been steadily pumping out content, fixes, and of course, big scale expansions to give players continued reasons to log-in back to Eorzea. 


Due to the release of Final Fantasy XIV expansion, content patches have added high-level raids, enhancements to player jobs, and other new features for players. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, which expanded in-game content with two new playable jobs, an increased level cap, and a entrancing storyline that takes players to unexplored lands. To keep up on information on Final Fantasy XIV, please visit the link: