Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Brings Big Changes to Jobs

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-05-29 22:11:11
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We have saw a lot trailers about Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood these months recently, and we knew that Stormblood will brings a lot changes to Jobs, every job will change a lot and everyone will get new abilities, but they will loss a few at the same time. In general, we will get more than lost, so it is a good thing for FFXIV fans to try more new abilities and areas.So today we will talk about the difference between the old one and new one, let us see how big the jobs change.

Here’s a very quick run-through of how jobs are changing:

Bard and Machinist: Both ranged DPS classes can now move and shoot, as was the case before they get their level 52 abilities in Heavensward. It’s highly likely their DPS will drop as a result to compensate, but they are much, much more mobile now, even if they retain a couple of abilities with cast times. Both classes will retain their support abilities, but it doesn’t look like they’re tied to MP anymore.


Ninja: No real solid details were shown for Ninja, but chaining Mudras now appears to be part of the class. So if like me your favourite part of playing NIN is mashing buttons, congratulations!


Black Mage: Ice and Fire stances — and the cooldowns associated with keeping your stacks — are much clearer thanks to the new UI. Enochian is no longer required to cast Fire IV and do the ‘full rotation’; it’s a damage cooldown now. You can swiftcast three spells in a row to make up for losing Swiftcast as a unique ability, and you can also jump back to your ley lines with an ability, meaning no more massive DPS losses when AOE forces you out of your special place.


Paladin: Shields can now block magic attacks, vastly increasing their tanking ability. Paladins seem to have an AOE GCD, which looks like it’ll replace Flash past a certain level, addressing a long-standing problem where Flash was pretty ineffective compared to what DRK and WAR had available. Paladins also have an ability that protects people in a cone behind them, making them a literal shield for the party. It also boosts your block rate to 100%!


Warrior: Rage stacks are no longer a thing; your ‘inner beast’ is tied to a bar that goes up to 100 instead. Five Fell Cleaves in a row is now possible. And yes — WAR does get a gap closer, as appeared to the case in the benchmark.


No matter what changes will come in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, we could play the new game by ourselves next month, just few days later, so if you have any idea about the changes, or if you think it will influence you to choose what you are going to play in the expansion, welcome to leave your idea in the comments below, and if you want to know more Final Fantasy XIV News, you can follow WWW.FFXVI4GIL.COM, there are a lot Cheap FFXIV Gil for sale too.