Final Fantasy XIV Was Hijacked By DDoS Attack

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-07-16 14:10:27
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For Eorza, the biggest threat is not Garleans, there are some other villains, I do not want to rise, because I have not finished Heavensward. According to the Square Enix developer, the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack has been beaten from Final Fantasy XIV since June and has not shown signs of stopping.



Square said that as time goes on, DDoS attacks become increasingly difficult to stop, from the "Final Fantasy XIV" server to the "upper Internet service provider", and lead to a variety of server problems.


However, since July, these attacks have shifted from the Final Fantasy XIV game server, and the goal has shifted to focus on the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) needed to connect to the data center. These attacks on the upper ISP network are causing errors in communication with the game server, thus disconnecting immediately during login.



"Because we can no longer rely on their own situation to deal with this situation, so we have and the upper Internet service providers have come into contact, they finally take the defense measures. This implementation has been effective; However, there may be another attack. , We will strive to strengthen cooperation with higher-level Internet service providers, and continue to comply with our precautions. "


DDoS attacks involve launching large amounts of data on the target to block their servers, making it easy to execute, and are almost impossible to stop. They also attract about everyone. So if you don’t have enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil, you can go to FFXIV4GIL to buy, you will get the fast delivery and best service on the site.