Final Fantasy XIV Weapons and Armor Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-01-21 11:32:17
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One of major things that you will come across as a final fantasy player is battle. You need to fight your enemies in order to continue existing.

The enemies are random and they are interested in damaging you as a player. They are also interested in afflicting status ailments; therefore, for you to continue existing you need to fight these enemies.

Weapons to use
There are many weapons that you can use in the battle. The weapons are sold in shops and are labeled from the weakest to the strongest. Some of the most common weapons are swords. There are different types of swords such as elemental swords and many others.

Elemental swords come in different names. For example, fire-elemental swords are known as Flame Saber.Ice elemental swords are known as Blizzard and Thunder-elemental swords are known as Thunderblade.

Other common weapons are rods which often use special action. For example, there is the healing staff€ that you use to heal low damage.

There are also projectile weapons such as balls, guns, bows, launchers and boomerangs that you use in fighting your enemies.

Armor to use
This one protects your characters during war. The most common armor is the Genji armor that consists of a body armor, shield, helmet and gloves. There are other units that consist of rings, bangles, helmets, robes, dresses, bracers, and shields. All you need to do is to choose the right armor for your character.

When you come across the enemies you need to fight you need to choose a number of commands: fight, magic, steal, throw, summon or item. You should note that the command you choose depends on the type of enemy you are facing.

You win the battle when you defeat all of your enemies. If all of your characters are unable to fight the enemy, the game ends. The game also ends when all of your characters are in a state that requires another ally to cure them in order to continue fighting.

These are types of weapons and armors that you will find in final fantasy game. For you to buy the weapons you need to have ffxiv gil. The good side is that if you are not good at gaining the currency you can buy it online from reputable