Final Fantasy XIV Zurvan EX Tips

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-02-14 10:37:16
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Zurvan EX is a new trial in the patch notes 3.5. To enter this, you will need an item level of 230 for the normal version and initiate the quest "The Last Pillar to Fall " for Zurvan EX. So we here provide you some general tips for Zurvan EX.



They tick for ~1.5k damage (while in range), have a regen ticking. The range of the tethers is quite lenient, about the diameter of the boss's hitbox, or approximately diameter of shadow flare. The tank's tethered partner can be with the group, given they are stacked tightly on the butt of the boss's hitbox. If the tank's tethered partner decides to stack with the tank, do so after tyrfing (cuz fire AOE), they will eat a non lethal cleave after southern cross however.


Wave Cannon Prey

The prey can go on anyone but the main tank. The wave cannon comes out retangular straight line AOE from the middle of the boss's hitbox. Most groups have the prey go either left or right, be sure no one is in the boss's hitbox when wave cannon fires, the bleed hurts. Alternatively, the prey can run through the boss, and temporarily switch places with the main tank

in this case, the boss will not turn, meaning the boss's butt is safe, melee can still get their positionals (assuming prey is not on them). After wave cannon fires, tank move back north and the prey target returns to the group, take care not to move too much and accidentally break the tether.


Moving for Meteors

After southern cross, tethered partners should shuffle slightly towards a side of the map, evenly-ish spread out around the boss. When moving for meteors, you have plenty of time. take stutter steps and make sure your partner is caught up with the same direction as you are moving. Do not panick and hit sprint, you will probably move too far too fast and die. In the case someone died during southern cross and rezzed without a debuff, you will be guaranteed to die if you take a meteor, but if you dont take a meteor, it explodes on the entire group for ~9k damage+vuln stack.



since the orientation of the patterns can change, define north as the main tank. For example, mark the main tank, main tank moves to a safe spot, everyone adjust accordingly to main tank = north.


Demon Claw into Wave Cannon (stack)

1. Tank pull boss towards one side of the map, and run through boss during the cast, so you are knocked into the center/other side of map, not into the wall.

2. PLD/DRK can invuln through the wave cannon, in this case, stay clear of wave cannon.

3. For WAR, everyone has to stack into the AOE hitbox


Patch Notes 3.5 is available now, join the game and have fun.