Gaining experience in the Palace of Dead, the Deep Dungeon in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-09-03 21:00:27
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As the patch, 3.35 goes live in Final Fantasy XIV; it is to disclose the Deep Dungeon when there is a fifty-floor case with arbitrarily produced maps that are persuaded by rogue-typed. This sounds pretty excellent. The Deep Dungeon also called the Palace of Dead is sketched to both channels of old-school Final Fantasy while exploring caves. And it is to change the things a bit for the players for a long time. The gamers can opt to buy ffxiv gil from the professional online gaming house, ffxiv4gil.Com to start procuring the most weapons and armors to decorate the character in the very beginning of game.



There held an interview at E3 in Los Angeles and the game director, Noaki Yoshi-P Yoshida narrated the panning of dungeon. This is to be diverse in way in comparable to anything else in the well-liked and excellent MMORPG. Other than applying the standard levels, the Deep Dungeon is to have its own development method. The character of gamer is to be at the level 17 or higher to get into. However, on one occasion, the gamer is to take part in the fight; the gamer is to start right at the level one. The gamer is to be able to level up in the dungeon and seize better weapons and gear as the gamer goes. However, those items are to only work inside the Deep Dungeon. As a minimum, it is unless the gamer does well enough to overcome them as the permanent prizes. It is redolent of the Olden Cave from the SNES role-playing game Lufa 2. The gamers can buy ffxiv gil from the professional gaming house to act well with equipped characters in diverse raids, battles and dungeons.

Gamers can find fifty floors as asserted by Yoshida while speaking through a translator. The gamer can continue going as deep into the dungeon as the gamer can. The gamers can find a checkpoint in each ten floors. However, if the party of game becomes dead, the gamer is to lose an entire bunch of development. The gamer can die on the floor and the gamer is to go back to 10. Go for dying upon the floor 19 and the gamer is also to go back to ten. It is to get past the boss upon 20. Conversely, the gamer is to be able to save from the point. It comes out as an experience and it is not like anything else in Final Fantasy XIV to date. Within this Deep Dungeon, there are particular items and traps asserted by Yoshida. There would be an item that transforms the gamer into a strong monster as the gamer can attack the rivals in one shot. The gamer would run into the booby traps. It converts into a toad or something like that.

It sounds motivating or no. It is also interesting as the Deep Dungeon will not propel the gamer to make any kind of strict role-depended party. It is a matter of fact that the game will not have to have a party at all. The dungeon is open to groups while ranging between one and four. Alternatively, there is to be any composition as the gamer would move with four DPS characters. Alternatively, it attempts to solo the dungeon as a healer. Now, you can buy ffxiv gil and get into the gameplay of FFXIV.