Guide on how to farm FFXIV gils fast

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-02-14 03:35:29
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The thing that keep us fighting and completing one quest after another is not only the leveling up, but also the attracting rewards, especially ffxiv gil. We need it everywhere, that's why every player cares about how to get gil fast in game. Today, we are going to give you some simple guides.


Of course, you can never be rich if you just now how to save gil, you have to know how to get gil fast.Besides doing main quest, you can also spend some time on crafting. Choosing a proper job can bring you rich feedbacks. We strongly suggest Alchemist as your crafted items can be sold easily at high price in the market. Of course, knowing how to craft HQ items and take the best use of all kinds of crafting skills is also of critical importance.

Secondly, Guildleves is a great choice. As they are recyclable and their rewards are rich, you can accumulate a number of gil as long as you would like to spend sometime on it every day. Since Guildleves are always available in the area of where you have main quests to do, it won't cost you much time.

You can accept quests like Guildleves from NPCs who has signs of cards over their heads. After talking to them, you can accpe the quest. After you press hot key "J", you can see that this kind of quest is classified as Levequests.

There are three kinds of quests at the earlier period, they are separately Battlecraft Leves, Tradecraft Leves and Firldcraft Leves. In the following part, we are going to introduce these three kinds of quests.

Battlecraft Leves is a special quest area, you are asked to kill certain monsters in this area to complete the quest in normal cases.

After accepting Battlecraft Leves quest, you can get promt of the quest. Click the map to find the task area and move to the area. Click innitiate to activate the quest, then you will find that monsters with card signs over their heads will show up in the area. Following the quest prompt,you can kill the monsters easily. You shuold know that there is time limites for this kind of quest. After completing the quest, you will get a promt to ask you whether you need to go back to the quest point. You can go back immediately and submit the quest. You can get basic rewards, such as experience points and ffxiv gil.

Tradecraft Leves and Fieldcraft Leves are much simpler. You just need to collect certain kinds of materials to complete the task. There is no time limit, but there is class limit. For example, if you have not learned fishing skill, you can not accept skills about fishing.

There are many new and interesting things waiting for us to explore. Never be too focused on the upgrading, experiencing the interesting part of the game is the most important.