How about no gil drops in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-12-04 14:41:31
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A great number of players are complaining about that there is not enough gil in FFXIV, furthermore, ffxiv gil drops seems rarely appears in the games.


In the recent couple of days, the city-states are atwitter with talk of a rogue adventurer roaming the land. Clad in peculiar garb and wielding a blade alien to this realm, she has been sighted dispatching foes with lethal efficiency, only to vanish before her identity can be ascertained. Who is this fearsome warrior, and to what end has she journeyed to Eorzea?


It is available for me that I have enough time to do it, just time consuming and boring. With the increase to exp with the last patch, it should be greatly faster than when I did it. Also, I haven't farmed anything outside of when I initially leveled. It is ridiculous that the amount of mats you farm are just to level them.





I decide to level each gathering as high as I can, and get each crafting class to 20, therefore, I can start doing leves on all of them. The problem with this idea is it assumes I have huge amounts of free time. I have a job and a life so I cannot waste hours and hours leveling two jobs to fifty and then farming mats for crafting.


They didn’t plan to find out the truth, the Harbor Herald has delivered a reporter to probe the mystery behind this otherworldly personage. It's not like there is anything to really spend gil on now, because you have the gathering professions leveled. Many people went straight into the crafting professions without having put any effort into gathering.